Fueling the Fire

Alex Huibsch, Staff Writer

Since their loss to Douglass High School, the boys’ basketball team has successfully sparked fire against their competition, feeding the furnace with an undefeated record within the SMAC. Most recently, the Eagles won their last three games, beating Thomas Stone, Huntingtown, and Lackey. “If you look at our schedule, we got beat up at the beginning of year. After the Douglass loss, I said, ‘Guys, here are the rest of our games. We have to do something if we want to get a good seed in the [Class 4A East Region]. We were in every game that we lost at the beginning, except [Bishop O’Connell]. But I’ve been encouraging them and we’ve been doing well… Our ultimate goal is to get to states,” said head coach Jimmy Ball.

Avenging the team’s reputation, the Eagles went on to play the Cougars (Thomas Stone) at North Point. During the first quarter, the Eagles and the Cougars both tied with 18 points. Taking the lead in the second quarter, the Eagles picked up a 20-28 lead over Thomas Stone. Relentlessly, the Eagles continued their control with a 14-26 edge over Stone and finally with a 14-23 point difference in the fourth quarter. Overall, the Eagles won 95-67 over Stone with highlights by Malik Brown (16’), Tyler Williams (16’), Jalen Gibbs (17’), and Josh Holmes (15’).

Championing their title furthermore, the boys later faced Huntingtown. Ahead on points in all four quarters, the boys ultimately dusted Huntingtown with an 85-52 victory. Most recently, the Eagles played the Lackey Chargers, which yielded interesting results. Starting off strong, the Eagles took a 17-4 lead over the Chargers during the first quarter. Continuing similarly in the next two quarters, the Eagles played well, executing 31-13 points in the second quarter and a 29-19 lead in the third quarter. During the fourth quarter, Lackey took the lead by three points, which wavered a 23-20 edge for the Chargers. Obviously not enough, the Eagles walked away with another secured victory, which totaled an astonishing 97-59 points. With an already secured 13-0 SMAC record, the boys will face off against the La Plata Warriors again in a non-conference game which will adhere to both the team’s overall records, with the Eagles standing at 16-6 and the Warriors at 18-3.