Kyrahn Perez: Motivated, Dedicated and Experinced


Kyrahn Perez (’15) is the first North Point Wrestler to ever win a 4A Maryland Wrestling State Championship. Kyrahn has been wrestling on Varsity since his sophomore year.  He remembers looking up to the likes of Anthony Zoscak and his brother Ke’Juan Perez in order to learn how to become a champion.

Going into the season, Kyrahn possessed the cut throat competitive state of mind necessary to wrestle. Kyrahn noted, “You must be mentally tough and possess the will to win”. While he did sustain two early losses, he was able to maintain focus.  He used it as motivation to work even harder.  Kyrahn noted, “I worked hard in practice and at my house.  I made sure to focus on my upper body and core work outs”.  Kyrahn’s hard work did not go to waste.  After his second loss he went on a path of destruction not losing another match all the way up to the state championship.

When Kyrahn needed help along the way his coach, Mr. Pauoli was right there. Their relationship possessed a great amount of chemistry.  They were able to easily communicate especially on the mat.  They developed a great understanding of one another during practice that when the match came, little communication was needed between the two in order to get the job done.

Now that it is all said and done Kyrahn is satisfied. He knows in his heart and mind that he left it all on the mat. He appreciates everyone who has supported him such as his family, friends, and teammates. He says being a state champion is “unbelievable”.  He now moves on to baseball and hopes to help his team accomplish the same achievement as he did in wrestling, bringing home another state title.