Capitals Move on to Second Round of Playoffs

Arianna Howard, Staff Writer

Monday, April 27 was a crucial day for local hockey fans. Walking through Downtown D.C, red attire was everywhere as fans prepared for quite the important game. The Verizon Center was filled with Capitals fans, but that isn’t to say there were no New York Islanders fans to be seen, and they were certainly heard.

Tensions ran high in the last game of the first series. With a tie of 3-3, this seventh game would determine who would move on in the playoffs. Should the Capitals win, they’d be moving on to the second round for the first time in two years to face off with the New York Rangers.

With this big game at hand, even the Wizards were in attendance, showing support for Washington’s team. The air was tense as the game began, everyone in the crowd watching with their full attention.

With a total of seven fights throughout the game, the first broke out within a minute of the game starting. However, both teams still played well in the game, keeping all of the fans on the edge of their seats.

The first period saw five fights but unfortunately, no scores. That isn’t to say the Capitals didn’t try, as they ended the period with ten shots on goal, as compared to the Islanders’ three.

After an anxious twenty minute break, the second period began. With thirteen minutes left, the Islanders got an icing penalty, giving Caps fans some hope. Finally, after twenty-one shots on goal, compared to the Islanders’ seven, the Capitals’ Joel Ward scored with a minute remaining in the period. The cheers of the crowd were deafening as pride coursed through the fans’ veins.

With a new determination, the third period was started. A bit of hope was lost though, as the Islanders scored with seventeen minutes left. Two fights broke out during this period, and the Caps received a penalty. Fans were starting to get nervous as the clock continued to count down. Finally though, with eight minutes left in the game and after 26 attempts to score, the Caps’ Kuzbetzov landed a goal, securing a 2-1 win which pushed them into the second round of the playoffs.

The fans chanted the name “Holtby”, seeing as he had made some incredible saves for the Capitals throughout the game. The crowds of Caps fans were hugging and screaming, some crying, no doubt.


Next, on Thurday, April 30, the Caps will be playing the Rangers in Madison Square Garden, with a new found hope.