Hard Fought Girls Soccer Game Against Cavaliers

The Varsity Girls Soccer team lost the night of September 15th when matched with undefeated Calvert Cavaliers. The team set up in a 4-3-3 formation at the start of another game at home with the return of number three, Izzy Piazza (17’), after a red card in their previous game against Huntingtown.

The game was back and forth as neither team could break through each others defense or get their shots in the back of the net. One good chance made by Taylor West (18’), was a rebound after a shot on target was parried by the goal keeper, but the shot was over the goal.

Soon after, in the 37th minute of the game just before the half Sydney Watson poked one in for Calvert. A good maneuver around the defense puts her one on one with the goalie and successfully finishes it. The two teams set up for kick off once more but the Cavaliers gained possession to score another goal in the 39th minute by Anina Poke. The first half ended soon after with Cavaliers up 2-0 which left Cavalier goalkeeper with 3 saves and Eagles goalkeeper with 4 saves.

A key player for North Point was Brianna Reid (17’) who created and carried out several chances for her team. For one specific play, Reid went from half field making a good run for the goal but after making a good cross in to her teammate, the shot was put high. Reid also made another good chance and took a shot but the keeper made a good save and kept a hold onto the ball.

Newly positioned keeper, Taylor West, was playing well making 2 good consecutive saves as she parried a shot and deflected the rebound shot right after. Taylor West is not usually found in goal but usually shooting on goal. Taylor West is usually a striker for the team but the coaches made the decision to place her in goal. Watching her warm up as goalkeeper, you wouldn’t know she didn’t play the position. With fast reaction time, she played well and didn’t allow any goals on her. Defender Izzy Piazza made an amazing save on the line after the goalie parried a good shot and was caught off the line. The ball fell to a Cavalier and the shot was immediately put back on goal but Piazza successfully blocked the shot which would surely have been another goal. Piazza also had a really good shot from outside the box but just barely missed the upper right.

The Eagles could have had some goals but several breakaways fell apart and many shots were off target or saved by the keeper. After a well-played game, NP falls to 0-3 as Calvert remains undefeated at 3-0.