Good Win against Lackey

Varsity boys’ soccer had a solid win against the Lackey Chargers with an 8 to 0 victory. The game was held at North Point on October 6th which marked the return of Christian Fisher (16’) after an injury. Both teams started off slow while trying to get through each other’s defenses, but in the 31st minute, the Eagles managed to get a goal. With good interplay into the box, Ahmad Mubarak (17’) was able to put it away. Just after the goal, the Chargers pushed forward fast onto the North Point defense but were stopped almost as quickly as it started. This happened again soon after but the cross from a Charger towards a teammate was put right into a North Point defender. With this interception, the Eagles were able to push up field where they got into the box where a good cross by Brendan Herscher (16’) was shot on the volley by Joel Mulbah (17’) but put over the crossbar. Later on in the game, North Point again was able to send in a cross where Eric Richman (16’) was able to put it away with his head. North Point did a really good job of keeping the ball on the opposing half giving them several chances, one being from Joel Mulbah who got into the box and with a good finish put it into the back of the net. After a well-played half, North Point was leading 3 to 0.


The Chargers started with the ball for the start of the second half but couldn’t manage to keep a hold of it. After some good passes, the Eagles broke through Lackey’s defense where they could bury the ball into the back of the net. A key player in keeping and getting the ball on the opposing half were Ahmad Mubarak and Jordan Jones (16’). Some good passing by North Point put a player out wide where a cross made into Garrett Anderson (16’) was put away with a one touch finish where the goalie didn’t even react it happened so quickly. A Lackey Charger had the ball in one situation but could not keep the ball and while attempting to get it back made a really poor slide tackle getting him a yellow card. Austin Geier (19’) is a freshman who starts as goalie for the team and played really well with a clean sheet but late in the second half was subbed out for Vu Nguyen (17’). Billy Beitz (17’) had a good chance with a long shot which went straight for the keeper but after the parry, rolled into the goal. Vu, newly subbed in goalkeeper, was forced to make a good stop after an error by a North Point defender gave Lackey a small chance. North Point was doing well in the midfield and with a lobbed through ball was in behind the defense where the keeper stopped the play but a defender ran into the goalie and North Point was able to easily score while both players were on the ground injured. Following the accident, the goalie was subbed out.


One of Lackey’s small chances was a free kick just outside the box late in the game but was put way over the goal. In the final minutes of the game, a North Point midfielder was given a yellow card for a harsh play and tackle. Also, the North Point goalkeeper made a good save. After a well-played game, North Point defeated Lackey to make their record 3-4.