Varsity Golf Team County Champion


The coed varsity golf team had another great season this year and won the title of County Champion again. They walked away with 42 wins, 2 losses, and 0 ties this season. On Tuesday Oct. 6 they were awarded Superintendent’s Cup for best overall season. This was a big win since the team had lost some very talented seniors due to graduation, including SMAC players H. Carr (’15); and C. Cooper (’15).
Immanuel Ricassa (17’), a junior on the team, was very informative when asked about the training schedule and coaches. Ricassa described practice as competitive, “it’s like we practice against each other,” and this challenge of getting a better score must push the team to be better. The team practices Monday through Thursday.
Hard work and dedication doesn’t always make a great team; a lot of credit is due to the two coaches, Assistant Coach Kirby, and Head Coach Skinner. This was Coach Skinner’s 5th season as varsity coach. Skinner started out as assistant coach in 2010 and took over as head coach for Tony Jones in 2011 with Coach Kirby as his assistant coach. Kirby didn’t coach in 2012 but came back to his role of assistant coach in 2013 and has stayed since. Ricassa explained what makes them both good coaches, saying “Skinner is a firm coach who understands what we need to know, and makes sure we follow his instructions.”, when asked about Coach Kirby he said “Kirby is nice, but he likes to tease us.”
The way the two coaches contrast each other makes a very effective learning atmosphere for the team. This, along with talent and hard work, is what led the team to win almost every match this season and be named County Champions.