Athletic Spotlight: Remington Ford


Basketball is loved by millions of people worldwide, and sophomore Remington Ford wants to make a career “shooting buckets”.
Remington Ford “Remmy” is a small forward on the J.V. Basketball team. He is a great team player on, and off the court. He is a very social person and seems to be cool with every person he meets. This is his second year playing basketball for North Point. Along with playing basketball in the winter, Remington plays Varsity Football in the fall, and is a great team player in both sports.
Courtney Byrd (’18) recites, “I think Remington is a good basketball and football player. I think he will make it far, because he is very driven. We don’t talk all the time, but when we do, he is real cool and he has a good vibe.” RoShundra Brown (’18) says, “I think that he’s funny and a very outgoing person.” Charnese Bishop (’18) quotes, “I think he is very determined and intelligent. I think the goals he has set for himself can get achieved with his positive attitudes and his positive thinking.”
Although Remington is very social, he doesn’t let that stop him from being a studious student. He is very book smart and continues to excel in school. Ajeya Huges (’18) recalls, “Remmy is a cool guy to hang out with. He never slacks and is always positive. He doesn’t let others bad influence stop his grind.” Remington has helped his team win a lot of great victories, and will continue to do so. North point J.V. Basketball will face Westlake tonight at 6:30. Be sure to come out and show your team spirit.