2016 Spring Sports Awards

2016 Spring Sports Awards

Lauren Holmes, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday was the Spring Sports Awards. At the awards, athletes were celebrated for another great season and coaches handed out awards. The sports the athletes were a part of this season were lacrosse, softball, baseball, tennis, and track & field. The awards ranged from sportsmanship’s awards to coaches awards. During the night the coaches had the chance to reminisce on the season and honor their standout athletes. The night was bittersweet for some athletes because as seniors, this was their last sports awards.

At the awards ceremony each team member is congratulated for a good season, but some are selected to receive individual awards. Each sport awarded a member of their team a MVP award, a Coaches Award, and a Sportsmanship award. The athletes that received awards include:

  • Tennis: -Coaches Award: Isaiah Brown (‘16) and Natalie Jumaoas (‘18)
  • -Sportsmanship Award: Justin Arter (‘16) and Fiona Quenano (‘17)
  • -MVP Award: Larry Johnson (‘18) and Sierra Early (‘16)
  • Boys Lacrosse: -Coaches Award: Michael Mead (‘18) and Kevin Rohrhaugh (‘18)
  • -MVP Award: Shane Johnson (‘18)
  • Girls Lacrosse: -Coaches Award: Lia Willis (‘17)
  • -Sportsmanship Award: Morgan Knowlan (‘16)
  • -MVP Award: Ali Zadeh (‘17)
  • Baseball:-Coaches Award: Tony Davis (‘16)
  • -Sportsmanship Award: Austin Dulany (16’)
  • -MVP: Zach Doss (‘18)
  • Softball:-Coaches Award: Justice Moore (‘16)
  • -Sportsmanship Award: Brianna Baker (‘17)
  • -MVP Award: Jaelen Baker (‘18)

Tennis Player Fiona Quenano (‘17) commented on this past spring season. She said “This season was probably the best season because my partner and I were the furthest team to almost reach regionals in all of North Point history. I love playing with my team and they are the ones who make the whole experience fun and enjoyable. It’s exciting to see how well we all work together and even if we win or lose we continue to support each other.” It was truly another great season, and hopefully next year will be just as good.