A Start of A Beautiful Season


Girls volleyball season started last Friday, when North Point took on Chopticon, in the eagle’s gym. At the start of the match, the girls showed lots of energy and had a drive to play really well. Which they did! The crowd held their breath during the first serve of the game. And just like that, the match started. Everything was moving so quickly, the ball would be on one side, then before you knew it, on the other.

Melanie Battle, sophomore, is playing her second season with the North Point Volleyball team. As a middle blocker, her job is to block the other team’s middle hitter. Her determination and focus in the match was outstanding. With the help of her new teammate, Jamie Hodges (9th), they blocked Chopticon’s middle hitter all night long. “I thought I did pretty well. There are obviously things I need to work on,” Battle commented, “I like playing smart not just killing the ball. I like to mix it up. Tipping the ball to empty spots.” The game went on and veterans like seniors, Tope Williams, Jada Payne and Sherry Cheng showed the crowd amazing digs. Reagan Tuiasosopo (12th) was a solid server performing her best that night. She and Kinsey Polk (11th) attacked the ball several times which caused North Point to slowly catch up to Chopticon.

The final score ending at 25-18, North Point lost by 7 points. For some members on the team it’s their last season. Jordin Dixon has mixed feeling about leaving next year. “It feels good to be a senior and to graduate but knowing that this will be my last season playing with these amazing girls will be heartbreaking,” said Dixon, “About the game, I feel like if we kept a strong and steady pace throughout the whole game we would’ve for sure won.” Although our girls’ didn’t win that night they worked their hardest and showed that North Point isn’t to be messed with.