Boys Soccer Get Their First Win

Eagle Stadium hosted Boys Soccer against the Patuxent Panthers for their second home game where the Eagles triumphed. At the time of this game, the boys had a record of 0-2, which they were trying to add a win to. The Eagles worked well together, and it showed out on the pitch where they often dominated possession. In the 27th minute of play Mason Nunn (10th) centered the ball well enough that Austin Weeks (10th) volleyed the ball for a goal, putting the Eagles up 1 to 0. Patuxent pushed for chances on goal, which were constantly stopped until the 36th minute of play, tying the game at 1-1. Both teams made efforts on goal which were denied each time creating a stalemate in play. What seemed to be ending in a tied game was getting exciting as the Eagles made several attacks on goal. In the end, a set piece chance was created after the Eagles were given a corner kick. Mason Nunn (10th) scored the winning goal in the 78th minute.

Being a captain for a varsity high school team is no small feat and for this season, sophomore Austin Geier is both starter and captain for the team. Playing goalkeeper is an important role that Geier takes on very well. “Being a sophomore captain on varsity is really an honor. It means even more that I got the chance to be captain with my closest friend Dominic Kogok (12th). He really went out of his way last season to make me feel welcomed. He is someone I’ll never forget as I move on with life after high school. Also, being a starter is a great opportunity. It helped me gain confidence and gain respect.” Geier makes a point that being a starter is great and could not have done it without his friend Dom Kogak. After getting their first win of the season, Geier had this to say about his team’s performance, “I felt like my boys played amazing. Getting the win is something that feels great. Being such a close game and having fellow sophomore, Mason Nunn, score the game winning goal with about 2 minutes left was great for him. More than excited for the rest of the season!”

The varsity soccer team was challenged with the fact that they had a new coach for the season. Although having soccer experience after coaching the girls’ varsity soccer team in recent seasons, Coach DeCook was still a new face with new coaching methods. Aaron Monegain (12th) says that “it was a difficult switch up but we are all coming to like him.” The team is proving to be adjusting well with the new coach playing good soccer and getting the win. The Eagles were also victorious in their last 2 matches for 3 wins in a row.