Close Contest


Alex Huibsch, Editor-In-Chief

Sometimes a challenge can present itself in an unassuming way. For the boys’ varsity basketball team, their game against the Great Mills Hornets last Friday turned out to be more of an arduous bout than they had formerly anticipated. Although the game was not by any stretch a one-sided matchup, the Eagles were relentless in pushing the pace and pressuring the opposing team. Immediately at the beginning of the game, Point Guard Malik Lawrence (19’) exemplified the might of the Eagles by executing a fast break through the Hornets’ tenacious defense. In a 13-2 run during the first quarter, Point Guard Jalen Gibbs (17’) soared past both his fellow teammates and opposition to deliver a speedy, yet nimble fast break. “I knew we needed to play efficiently, but at the same time, I wasn’t about to leave anything out on the court. I needed to use my agility and speed to overwhelm the other team,” stated Gibbs.

Although the Eagles were off to a great start, the Hornets played a smart, efficient, and aggressive game as well. In both the second and third quarters, the tide had begun to pick up, as players on both sides generously scored earnest points for their respective teams. That being said, the Eagles still managed to utilize impressive maneuvers that ultimately kept them in the lead. In the early minutes of the third quarter, Shooting Guard Asa Williams (20’) propelled through the Hornets to deliver another fast break. Soon after, Lawrence added more points to the scoreboard with an impressive three pointer. Additionally, Point Guard Satchell Ball (19’) exerted great energy into helping his team gain an advantageous lead as he successfully pulled another three pointer. “The game got really close by the fourth quarter. We didn’t panic, but instead, stayed focused and resilient,” expressed Lawrence.

Despite the myriad of impressive plays by the Eagles, the game ultimately ended on an extremely close note between the two teams. “Yeah, the game ended 86-83, and although we would’ve liked to have showcased a greater presence on the court, we’re happy that we won. I know we still have a lot of work to do to get better, and our record has been a little shaky this year, but we’re still continuing to work harder and harder each and every day,” expressed Ethan Hubbard (17’). Conclusively, the Eagles are determined to plow ahead and triumph by the end of the season. They are currently scheduled to face off against the Thomas Stone Cougars on the 18th, where they hope they can perfect their plays and their record as well.