Eagles Soar Over Wolverines for the Victory


Kaseem Bennett, Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, the Eagles basketball team took on their biggest rival, Westlake’s Wolverines. The game was action packed and the stands were full as the game commenced. The game started off troublesome for the Eagles, then in the first quarter they went on a 14-1 scoring run. Fast break after fast break, the Eagles couldn’t be stopped.

“Offensively, we looked to push the ball and turn up the tempo of the game,” Malik Lawrence (19’) said as he led the team in assists with 7. “In the first half I was getting to the basket, so in the second half I knew I would get there, so instead I would dish to my teammates and let them finish the basket,” Lawrence commented about working the offense. The team shot a good percentage from the field as well at 47%. They also made good at the line, dropping 60% of their shots. Lawrence was having a phenomenal game as well leading the team in field goal percentage and overall points, only missing three shots the entire game. North Point’s basketball team seemed to be taking very smart shots as most of them went in and that would later be a key factor.

The team also distributed the ball better throughout, out-assisting the opponent by 6. The Eagles were not just good offensively, as on defense they made a stand with having the opposition turn over the ball 23 times. The Eagles came out to win as they had 14 steals throughout the game and converted most of them into points on the other end. “Great defense wins games” says Micah Campbell (18’) as he locked down the paint with two blocks and a charge.

The game was coming to an end, and it was still a close one despite everyone’s contributions. The crowd was roaring as the last thirty seconds was upon them. The Eagles were down 61-63 and had time for one last possession. Magic Hewlett (19’) hit a contested three pointer, leaving the Wolverines with only 2 seconds to score, which in all was not enough. “Always believe you can do it and never doubt yourself,” Hewlett said after putting up the shot that shut the gym down.