Pro Bowl Preview


Warren Whitaker, Staff Writer

The NFL has recently released this year’s roster for the Pro Bowl, and it’s just as star-studded as previous Pro Bowls.

The quarterback position will mostly feature familiar faces, including Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees. However, there is one newcomer, a player who may considered to be the league’s MVP before his ACL injury: Carson Wentz. Wentz was on his way to having a record breaking season, so this Pro Bowl selection was well deserved. “I want to see Russell Wilson play because he plays for my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks,” said sophomore Jalin Hill. At the running back position, the Saints were able to get two players selected: Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. These players have been like thunder and lightning, leading this New Orleans team to the playoffs. At receiver, DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans was selected. He started the year off really well, so well, that his beginning of the year stats are what allowed him to lead the league in receiving yards. After the season ending injury to his quarterback Deshaun Watson, (who could have also gone to the Pro Bowl if not for his injuries,) he became rather quiet. He still made relatively big plays, and he’ll do great at the pro bowl with a good quarterback throwing him the ball again.

Defensively, many household names will be making a return to the Pro Bowl. The defensive line will be lead by sack monsters Aaron Donald and Gerald McCoy. At linebacker, Luke Kuechly and Jadeveon Clowney will look to do whatever they can to stop the run. The DBs will be ready to catch interceptions, as they will include Xavier Rhodes, Jalen Ramsey and many other pass disrupting stars.

“The Pro Bowl is the one day all the best players come together and play a game. There are a lot of big plays involved, so it is a very exciting game to watch” voiced sophomore Bradley Brown. Every year, the best football players in the world go head to head, and it never disappoints. Expect this year to be no different.