Player Profile: Donovan Leftwich


#19 Donovan Leftwich (’18)

After a hard fought season, I caught up with senior defenseman Donovan Leftwich from the varsity lacrosse team. Leftwich has played lacrosse since his freshman year. “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the past four years playing lacrosse for North Point. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons and I’m disappointed that it’s all over,” commented Leftwich. Leftwich thinks of lacrosse as more than a sport and always gives it his all.

According to teammate and fellow senior, Nicholas Deeble, “Donovan has always been one of the hardest workers on the field.” Leftwich was a starter for most of his high school career and has always played at a hundred percent. Also, he is a durable player, as in his four years of playing he’s never missed a game or has gotten injured. “He’s a tough player, a real defensive anchor,” added senior Kevin Rohrbaugh.

As his last season of competitive lacrosse comes to a close, Leftwich has decided to pursue goals beyond lacrosse. He will attend Towson University in the fall and become an accounting major . Over the years his teammates have become family and he hopes to keep in touch with all of them, even though everyone is going on their own paths. “I hope all my teammates excel in whatever they pursue after high school,” Leftwich said, signing out.