North Point vs. McDonough Game


Our Eagles played Mcdonough this previous Thursday, January 13th. Freshman, JV, and Varsity all won. It was the first game back from winter break, and the first game where spectators weren’t allowed. The only people allowed were the teams, their coaches, refs, and a cameraman. 

When basketball season first started, everyone was so excited to be able to attend basketball games again that the stands were filled. But since the recent uprising in Covid-19 cases during December, spectators have not been allowed at games since coming back from winter break. So, I decided to ask a player how he felt about the change. 

Christian Taylor (‘22) says, “The fans bring good energy to the game, but it doesn’t really affect me. It’s a big help but at the end of the day you still have to perform at a high level.” So, even though people bring a lot of energy to games and can help pick up the players’ energy, spectators not being there doesn’t effect how the players play. This is great to hear because we are rooting for our varsity team to keep up their 4-0 streak. 

We hope that spectators will be allowed soon because we would love to be able to support our Eagles throughout the rest of their season.