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The School Newspaper of North Point High School

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The School Newspaper of North Point High School

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In With the New

In With the New

Class officers play an important role in making sure that their last year in high school is their best. Here’s what the 2010 officers had to say before they left.

Kayla Bentley, President

  1. Where will you be going in the fall? Towson University
  2. Why did you initially run for the position? In 11th grade, I had an outstanding time as an officer. I wanted to represent the class of 2010 for yet another year.
  3. What has been your favorite activity as class officer? Preparation for homecoming was my favorite activity by far. Our friendship grew stronger as we constructed our winning float.
  4. Have you accomplished any major goals? Maintaining my grades and keeping principal’s honors was a goal I set for myself junior year. This is an ongoing accomplishment.
  5. What do you think your classmates will be like in ten years? There is no telling how our classmates will be ten years from now! I would hope that all students of North Point will be extremely successful due to the education we have received.
  6. What will you miss most about North Point? I will really miss my closest friends and teachers. They made my day productive. Whenever I was feeling down, I could always count on them to make my day better.
  7. What other clubs/activites have you participated in? In school, I am a member of Skills USA and National Honor Society. Outside of school I enjoy volunteering and feeding the homeless at So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E) in Washington, D.C. I frequently volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club. I am also a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Teen Sorority Chapter and Big Brother Big Sister organization. 
  8. Any advice for 2011 senior class officers? Think you have stress now? Wait until next year. Make sure you plan everything early and get as many people from the student body involved in activities as you can.

Karen Contreras, Vice President

  1.  University of Maryland-College Park
  2. I wanted to make a difference. Everyone kept complaining about how the officers weren’t doing anything and I wanted to change that.
  3. Getting to ride on the float at pep rally and receiving the trophy!
  4. We made a good float this year, planned a fun senior trip, bought an awesome eagle for the stadium and really helped out with project graduation.
  5. I have no idea; I guess I’ll figure that out whenever we plan the reunion, haha.
  6. My friends and teachers… if it weren’t for them high school wouldn’t have been such a great experience.
  7. I was also President of Spanish club and member of National Honor society.
  8.  Try to listen to what people have to say but don’t base your decisions on them because no matter what you do there are always going to be complaints, just do what’s best for the class as a whole.

Taryn Lowery, Secretary

  1. University of Maryland- College Park
  2. Mr. Nadolsky said it would be a good opportunity for me, and some of my friends were running.
  3. Planning prom. It was so chaotic but I enjoyed making the decisions and last year’s prom turned out very well.
  4. Pretty much, I’ve gotten good grades, got into a great college, and had fun along the way.
  5. The same, maybe a little bit more mature but I doubt it.
  6. My friends and all the memories we made through-out high school.
  7. I played volleyball all four years and did some back stage stuff for a couple of the plays.
  8. Plan everything out in advance; don’t wait until the last minute to do things.

Matt Webb, Treasurer

  1. Frostburg State University
  2. I thought that I could help out the class of 2010, plus I wanted to give a speech. Just kidding… not really.
  3. Building the homecoming float was a lot of fun. I strongly advise anyone and everyone to get involved next year with the float-building
  4. The bronze eagle in the stadium was a major goal that we were able to accomplish this year.
  5. I know in my heart that any of my classmates that set out to be successful after our time here at North Point will end up being successful in anything they strive to do. After all, ‘The real world starts here.’ I also hope that all of my classmates will be happy.
  6. My friends and some of the teachers
  7. Soccer team and math club. In my spare time, I like to play chess on yahoo!, I like to read books, preferably Shakespeare, and I like to do my taxes- sometimes I do my friend’s taxes too.
  8. Work hard and have fun, it’s over a lot sooner than you’d think


Julianne Wiegand, Historian

  1. West Virginia University for Chemical Engineering.
  2. Mr. Nadolsky made me freshman year in his biology class and I simply kept up with it.
  3. Planning and organizing prom for the Class of 2009
  4. Getting the bronze eagle out in the stadium and successfully getting good grades in Engineering.
  5. I think most of them will be successful and powerful people though some of them
  6. I will miss my stadium lights that ruined my senior year football games. I will also miss the family formed from the girl’s soccer team and meeting new people everyday in the hallway.
  7. I’ve played soccer all 4 years here and experienced the first varsity season. I was in SGA for a couple years, NHS, and Model UN
  8. Work hard and play hard. It’s over sooner than you think and then you start over at the bottom of the totem pole. 

As we say goodbye to the class of 2010, we say hello to our new set of seniors.

Kayci Kirkham, President   

  1. What do you hope to accomplish next year? I am excited about our Senior year. It is one of those “once in a lifetime” milestones and I feel lucky to serve behind the scenes. Many activities are being planned, including: homecoming festivities (the float, spirit week, etc), senior picnic, senior trip, and of course, graduation. I look forward to everyone’s involvement as we continue to plan and prepare.
  2. What other clubs/activities do you participate in? In addition to serving as a class officer, I am involved in SGA, NHS, Schools 4 Schools, and Relay 4 Life. I also participate in dinner events for culinary arts and performances for choir.
  3. What’s your favorite class and why? It’s hard to pick a favorite class because I enjoy so many. However, I am partial to History, Choir and Culinary.
  4. What else do you do outside of school? It seems I am always busy. I dance and teach ballet nearly everyday, spending roughly 15 hours a week at the studio. I am also involved with my church’s choir and youth group. Spending time with family and friends is also important to me.
  5.  How do you feel about your class so far?  There are so many awesome people in the Class of 2011. Everyone has something to contribute to the group as a whole. I hope we can keep up the energy right through graduation next year.


Aaron Kauffman, Vice President

  1. Next year I hope to make it an awesome graduating year that’s easy and fun
  2. I play tennis and I hope to try and start an ultimate Frisbee club
  3. Gym because I like to be active or lunch if it was a class because I get to eat and talk with my friends
  4. I have a job but it’s mainly over the summer is when I work
  5. So far it’s a great class that I hope to get lots of participation out of for homecoming and other class competitions that we will win!


Joanna Brindise, Secretary

  1. For our senior year, our major goal is to CONTINUE to have the best float, have an awesome senior trip, and a legit senior picnic. We want our class (2011) to have the best year at North Point so far.
  2. I’m in SGA, NHS, key club, and I run cross country, indoor track and I play tennis.
  3. My favorite class is AP world, because Serpone is a legit teacher, and he’s passionate about what he teaches and makes the class entertaining.
  4. Outside of school, I hang out with my friends and my boyfriend.
  5. Our class is the best North Point has ever seen, and we plan to keep it that way. 


Angela Norton, Historian

  1.  Next year, I would like to create a DVD using pictures and videos of students in the Class of 2011. The DVD could later be played at Graduation or future class reunions. I would also like to create a time capsule that could be opened at future class reunions.
  2. I am a member of the Symphonic Band, and I am also a volunteer at Southern Maryland Hospital. Also, this was the first year I ran cross country. 
  3. My favorite class is AP Statistics because I can apply it to real-life situations. 
  4. Outside of school, I gather with my friends and family. Every Tuesday, I bowl on a team with my family. (I am not a very good bowler!)


Jaelin Ali, Treasurer

            Ali was not available for comment.

Moving on to their final year promises new challenges and new memories for our third senior class. Best of luck!

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