The Eagle’s Nest

The Eagles Nest

A group of enthusiastic Eagles sit clustered together. “Defense! Defense! Defense!” Pom poms flying, foam fingers waving, they scream at the top of their lungs as the football players make their way down the field.

The Eagle’s Nest is North Point’s official student section. It subconsciously started during last year’s Girls Basketball Playoff season. “We realized how much fun it would be for every sport,” remarked William Harding (‘11), president of the student run organization. “It lets us have fun with friends- no one has to feel like an outsider at the games.”

It is an organization run by students, for students with the one and only goal of generating and promoting school spirit. During the meetings, students discuss what games and events they will attend, what chants they will sing, and what cheers they will cheer. “We organize everything as a club,” said sponsor, Coach Serpone.

A section in the bleachers is set aside for this group of avid sports viewers. Being in the section allows its members to cheer on their friends and classmates as freely as they wish. “We’re going to try to go to one game per sport,” said Serpone. “We want to broaden school spirit and support our teams,”co-president, Allison Weslowski (’11) added.

Harding and Weslowski are enthusiastic about North Point’s sports department as well as participants. Harding runs track and plays baseball while Weslowski manages stats during basketball season and has retired from her field hockey career. They both have huge plans for the student section. “If enough students join the organization, we can get discounted tickets, Eagle’s Nest merchandise, and lots opportunities to cheer at away games,” added Harding.

Though the club is teeming with enthusiastic participants, it is composed mostly of only seniors and juniors. “We want more underclassmen to join,” said Weslowski. “It’ll be great to get everyone involved outside of school.”

Eagle’s Nest meetings are held during B lunch on Tuesdays. Students with decent grades and good behavior are welcome to join, “We don’t want any behavior problems, we just want students who like to have fun,” stated Serpone.