Pep Rally 2010: You’ll Never Be This Awesome

It was a chilly October afternoon as students sauntered into the stadium in their respective class colors. “Welcome to the 2010 Pep Rally,” announced the MC, Mr. Kirby. The crowd cheered in response, ready for the day’s events and festivities. “I’m definitely pumped up from all the energy around me. It’s just so exhilarating,” exclaimed Savannah Channing (‘14).

The Pep Rally kicked off with the National Anthem, sung by Kayci Kirkham (‘11) and Krystal Yhap (‘11) followed by the presentation of colors, performed by the JROTC. A moment of silence was also taken in honor of the late LCpl. Terry E. Honeycutt (‘09) who recently passed away while serving in Afghanistan.

The parade was a compilation of North Point’s various clubs and organizations as well as the fall sports teams and the class floats. “The dance-off between the soccer players was my favorite part, it was so funny,” Tyler Brown (‘13) commented on the battle between Varsity Girls soccer players, Lauryn Coombs (‘11), Kristen Griffith (‘12), Lyndsey Greene (‘12), and Breanna Sherman (‘11) verses Varsity Boys soccer player, Nick Cooper (‘11). “The best part of the whole thing for me was the entrance of the varsity football players. One of them did a back flip – that was really cool,” added Carly Robertson (‘13). In addition to back flips, the varsity football players also threw Mardi gras beads into the crowd along with miniature footballs and chick-fil-a plush toys.

Class floats were another point of interest during the parade. “I hope our float brings the crowd to their feet,” commented Kirkham who, along with the Class ‘11 officers, had been working hard on the senior float. Standing well above 10 feet, the banner read “You’ll Never Be This Awesome.” The float stopped for a moment as vice president, Aaron Kauffman (‘11) popped up as a jack-in-the-box, sending the audience into a frenzy. “This is great! The floats, the parade – I’m just so excited to see it all!” commented Clayton Vermillion (‘14).

After the parade, the Drum line graced the audience with an upbeat performance while Mr. Simms and Mr. Felicitas suited up for the first Sumo Wrestling competition. The second competition was between Mrs. McClarin and Mrs. Akins. “The teacher’s sumo wrestling thing was awesome!” Said Tony Dublin (‘13). Another crowd favorite was the Mr. and Mrs. North Point Competition. Miss Daisy Duke (Mr. Lilly) and Mr. Lock Smith (Mrs. C. Smith) won this years competition, ending Miss Beautiful Minor’s three year winning streak.

At the end of the event, it came time to award the week’s most spirited contestants. After years of losing Best Float to previous classes, the class of ‘11 prevailed. “[It’s] about time we finally won,” commented Audrey Springer (‘11).

Additionally, awards were given out to each of the class’s most spirited students; Dima Ptonyak (‘11), Myles Wynn (‘12), Andrew Latour (‘13), and Devin Ratzlaff (‘14). Mr. Huff and Mr. Williams both won Most Spirited Staff.

Overall, students agree that the pep rally was a success. “I feel as if this was the best pep rally we’ve had so far – it was just much more than I expected it would be,” remarked David Roberts (‘11).

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