The Fine Arts Hallway

The Fine Arts Hallway

Strains of light music and pieces of conversation, quietly murmured between friends or bellowed for the entire world to hear, fill the long, horseshoe-shaped corridor. Welcome to Cobb Island, better known as the Arts & Music Hallway, during NEST. Since the start of the school year and the inception of the one hour lunch, this area has become filled with a diverse group of students, many of whom are of an artistic persuasion.

On a typical day, students can be found strumming guitars, singing, and going in and out of the performing arts classrooms. Artwork by North Point’s various art students, from abstract geometric figures to sample floor plans for fictional school buildings, lines the walls of the hallway.

Paige Haskins (’13) is a regular visitor to the hallway that has been dubbed “the tenth grade hangout”. “I like music and art. No one was here at the beginning of the year. It’s become a regular thing.”

Other regulars are more conscious of their motivations for spending so much time on Cobb Island. Jessica Kirkham (’13) cited the proximity to the band/orchestra and chorus rooms and the fact that the hallway is “out of the way”, but not in a completely isolated corner of the building. Elizabeth Burgess (’13) agreed on this sentiment, stating that eating here keeps her from being figuratively “trampled in the cafeteria”. For many, the area serves as a meeting place where friends can converse about the day so far, discussing classes, teachers, and interesting occurrences.

“A lot of stuff goes on”, commented Taylor Nappi (’13). “Stuff” can describe anything from random artwork falling and crashing into passersby to bizarre exclamations of ‘personal business’ being shouted down the corridors.

Nappi notes that many people pass through the hallway and perceive everyone as musically talented. While not every person on Cobb Island is artistically endowed, this perception is not off base.

Asked to describe the typical person who spends time in this area, the words “diverse” and “chill” sprung into the minds of the students of Cobb Island as they sat sprawled on the floor, munching everything from cups of noodles to fried rice. Suddenly,  the bell signaling the start of the rush to third block sounds, and students up and down the corridor jump to their feet, wave goodbye to their friends, and start toward class. Just another lunch period in North Point’s creative corner.