How to Make the Best of Your Senior Year

Make sure to join clubs to get to know new people. Just because its your last year doesnt mean you cant make new friends. -Christopher Anderson (11)

“Make sure to join clubs to get to know new people. Just because it’s your last year doesn’t mean you can’t make new friends.” -Christopher Anderson (’11)

Senior year for many high students is both an exciting and stressful time. Between applying for colleges and scholarships, playing sports, doing homework, and spending time with friends, seniors have a lot to balance. This year’s seniors have some advice on how to make the best out of the last year of high school.

More Tips:

  1. Take advantage of N.E.S.T. to finish up any homework assignments, get help from your teachers, and stay caught up with your classes.
  2. Begin your college application process early to avoid missing deadlines.
  3. Visit the Career Center to get more information on colleges, scholarships, or the workforce. Utilize their resources to complete application or look for scholarships and grants.
  4. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Have a healthy workload and manage your time.
  5. Participate in extra curricular activities, attend sports events, and make the most out of the little time you have left in high school.
  6. Avoid senioritis! Finish strong academically!