Lithography Club: Graphic Gurus

Lithography Club: Graphic Gurus

Lithography is an unsung aspect of the arts. It is the production of a picture or writing using printing techniques, usually on a stone with some sort of oily or greasy substance. However, North Point’s lithography club aspires to produce pictures and words on several other things not even closely related to stones or rocks.

Although new to most students, Lithography Club is not new to North Point. The club was created by Mr. Gilbert last year, when NEST came about at the school.

There are no restrictions as to who can join the club. All those who are interested in learning about/ want to be a part of the world of graphics are welcome.

Right now, Lithography Club is an activity solely at school. However, the club may take a field trip later on in the year to a local graphics facility.

The members’ goal this year is to raise awareness of the club, and provide more graphics services to the community.

Lithography Club is considered to be fun and helpful by many. Morgan McBride (’13) said, “Running your own business with photos is a great way to prepare yourself for a career in the graphics industry.”

It is also a place that graphical design students can express their thoughts and feelings about what decisions need to be made within the program. Being in Lithography Club “gives me the opportunity to express my opinions on how we should handle things as a group,” said Regine Daniels (’12).

The Lithography Club has just recently begun a fundraiser called the “Eagle Booth,” which will be open to students during NEST on Thursdays and Fridays. Here, students will be able to walk into the graphics computer lab, have their pictures taken, then have the graphics students edit them whichever way they would like. The students can use green screens to create different backgrounds and effects on these pictures. The cost will be two 5×7 photos for $5, additional 5×7 photos for $2, and eight additional wallets for $2.

With the money earned from this fundraiser, they will focus on buying equipment needed to be able to make t-shirts for school. The t-shirts would be available to staff, teams, and other clubs.