North Point Student is Champion MMA Fighter

It’s not every day that students meet a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter at North Point. To top it off, the fighter is a freshman and a female.

Brittany Kotlarsic (‘15) started MMA in the fourth grade, so she has been doing it for approximately five years. She first saw her sisters active in the sport and became interested. She then asked her dad if she could try it, and has been in love with the sport ever since.

MMA is a full contact sport that involves the use of striking and grappling techniques. MMA includes boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and many other Martial arts styles. Kotlarsic’s favorite Martial arts style is boxing. If she is angry or overwhelmed, she uses that to help her in the ring. She is in a medium weight class and will move up to a heavy weight class when she wins her next match. She is very eager to do so.

Kotlarsic’s parents are her biggest supporters; her family plays a huge role in her life. Not only are her sisters MMA fighters, but her cousin is known worldwide for the same sport. When it comes to MMA fighting, Brittany looks to him for help and guidance. When he’s not traveling all over the world fighting, they are able to sit down and practice with each other. “He really is a big inspiration,” she stated.

It’s incredible that Brittany is a female MMA fighter, but it’s even more incredible is that she has only lost two fights in her entire career. One of the fights she lost was in sixth grade. “The girl was much bigger than me and I did not have all the training that I have now,” Brittany explained.

Even though Brittany is a tomboy, she also enjoys being a girl. ”I’m still a girl, I still do girly things,” she says about the stereotype that says she is not feminine because she is a MMA fighter. After she’s won a match, Brittany feels like she’s shown everyone that even though she’s a girl, she can win.

During a match Brittany tries to stay focused and think on her feet. ”When I’m in the ring, I can’t think about what’s going on around me,” she says. Even with the crowd cheering and screaming her name, she has to keep her eyes on her opponent and figure out how to take them over.

Brittany thinks of power, determination, and courage when she thinks of MMA. This sport is her main focus right now because doing it and going to school can be hard to balance. However, she plans to play for North Point’s freshman powder puff football team. More amazing things will be seen of Brittany Kotlarsic in the near future.