Family Connections at North Point

There are so many family connections at school. There are brothers, sisters and cousins, but another very common relationship at school is parents and children. There are mother-daughter, father-son, and mother-son combinations. At North Point there is Mrs. Griffin and Natalie, Mr. Covey and Josh, Mrs. Keeler and Zach, and Mrs. Jewell and Alexis.

Many students have negative thoughts about having their parents working at their school. “I would probably feel more pressure if my parents worked here,” said Gill-Jan Eleazar (’14). This isn’t the case with students who have North Point teachers or staff as parents.

“It’s a good experience that not many people have the opportunity to do,” said Zach Keeler (’12). Zach’s mother is Mrs. Keeler who works the front desk in the guidance office. Ms. Keeler enjoys working where her son goes to school. “It’s nice being able to see him periodically throughout the day,” she says.

Many people wonder if there is a strain on relationships at home, since so much time is spent together at school. “It would probably be 100% awkward,” said Matthew Atkinson (’14). The relationships at home don’t seem to be affected by being at the same place all day. “It makes it nicer,” said Mrs. Griffin.

Most children said that having their parent work at their school doesn’t normally affect their work ethic. There is more of an affect on work ethic when the child has their parent as a teacher, such as when Josh Covey (’14) had his father for science his freshmen year. “He treated me the same as other students, but made me get my work in on time,” said Josh.

There are many advantages to having a parent work at a child’s school. “He had a comfort level that other students didn’t,” said Mr. Covey. The students have different ideas on what the perks of their parents being so close are. “I know everyone and if I need something signed I can go down to the office,” said Alexis Gibson (’14). Natalie Griffin (’12) had another idea of the advantage of her mother working at her school. “It’s awesome. I can use her classroom as my locker,” she said.

Even though the parents work at the school, it’s basically the same as having a parent who works somewhere else, except for being able to get rides to and from school and lunch money when it is needed. The biggest difference is that since parents work at the school they know when a student gets into trouble as soon as it happens and can talk to their child’s teachers whenever they with. However, they are just like other parents when it comes to seeing grades. “I can see her [Alexis’] grades on Edline like every other parent,” said Mrs. Jewell.

Having a parent work where a student goes to school seems to have more pros than cons. Maybe more parents should become teachers.