I’m Worth Waiting For Advocates Abstinence

Abstinence.  One word with a lot of power and impact in students’ daily lives. But what is abstinence? Abstinence for teens is refraining from the peer pressures of life, whether they are drugs, sex, or anything else. I’m Worth Waiting For is the perfect club to teach abstinence. So, what is I’m Worth Waiting For? Read on to find out.

I’m Worth Waiting For (IWWF) is “a program designed to prevent sexual interactions and help (students) through the peer pressure in high school,” said Ms. Hosendorf, sponsor of IWWF.  This club is about showing student that abstinence is important. According to its members, abstinence is key, giving students a purpose and introducing them to the value of their selves and their space. “Being a virgin is something to be honored and proud of,” stated Hosendorf. “When your virginity is given up it’s like a void in your life.”

High school has a lot of pressures bound to come past students. IWWF is the club to help students say “I respect myself and I know my virginity is something to cherish”. Some students might wonder why it’s so important. As much as students might like to think that being a virgin is uncool, virginity is something huge and according to Ms. Hosendorf, “You can’t get it back once it’s lost and it’s your responsibility to say no.” Students might also wonder why IWWF is a good club to join. IWWF is the type of club students can count on to make them feel as comfortable as possible and also let them express their selves in their own way.

Students who join IWWF get the satisfaction of being abstinent and also get a free ring. They also benefit from graduating from the club with the knowledge to help them through life. Students don’t have to be virgins to join. The only requirement is a desire to start fresh.

I’m Worth Waiting For is the perfect club to join for abstinence. Just come to Room 331 and gain a fresh start.