Cleaning Up the World

Cleaning Up the World

Sam Corsey (’13) would rather clean up a beach then hang out at one. Sam is dedicated to her community service, which is helping the world as much as possible.

Sam is a part of the Humane Society, which helps care for animals. She joined the last year. There are quite a few people in the Society, but that is just one of her community service activities. Sam also goes around her neighborhood and picks up trash. She started doing this when she was in eighth grade. Now that Sam is playing soccer, it makes it a little difficult for her to do it as often.

In seventh grade Corsey discovered her love for the Earth. She said, “My eyes began to open up at how badly we take care of the Earth.” She even wanted to give up eating meat. Changing her lifestyle was not going to be easy, meaning that she was going to have to take it step by step. By seventh grade she stopped eating beef.

Corsey feels that more people should be involved in picking up trash. Some of her friends from North Point have done it with her. She asks, “Why would people want to sit outside with trash on the ground?” She has a strong dedication for what she does. If there is trash to be picked up or recycled then she will get it done. She believes that little things like that will make the entire world better.

Corsey stated, “I can’t erase a lot of the damage that has been done, but at least I can try.” Corsey does not just do individual tasks; she does community service with her chorus class also. Since she was in the seventh grade, her chorus class sings to the senior citizens at the senior citizen home.

Corsey believes that there are never enough people to help clean up the world. She would be more then happy to have more people participate in the different things she does. The more people to join, the cleaner the world becomes.