The Baby Boom

The Baby Boom

The stork visited North Point bearing gifts. For Mr. Bosch, that gift came in the form of new born baby boy, Oliver James Bosch. The stork is suspected to be on the way back, with a gift for Mrs. Lehrter.

Last spring, math teacher Mr. Bosch let the cat out of the bag by announcing the big news: he was having a baby boy. This fall, the blue eyed, scruffy haired, bundle of joy arrived. “As far as preparing for the event, you think about it all the time. You’re exited about it, but nothing can compare to when it actually happens,” Mr. Bosch admits. He describes the experience as “unique” and “really great.”

“Even in the first two weeks, it has just been fun being at home, spending a lot of time with him,”  Mr. Bosch relishes the bonding time he gets with his son; already they have gone out on walks, out to eat, and to the doctor several times. Though he cannot determine weather his son will play soccer or like calculus, he is certainly excited to find out.

The students in Algebra II and AP Calculus missed Mr. Bosch and are glad he is back. As luck would have it, by the time the new father returned, he was delighted to find his class did not fall far behind. “I had a good substitute. She made sure she was doing everything she could and the kids were doing everything they could while I was out. She did a fantastic job. I had peace of mind while I was at home and I was able to focus,” Bosch explains. Fortunately, when he was gone, math teachers, calculus students, and the substitute all pitched in to help one another. It is no wonder Mr. Bosch says, “The start of this school year has been one of the best I have ever had.”

Mrs. Lehrter is gearing up for her second baby girl. She is filled with a nervous excitement of having two girls in the house. Her eldest, Madeline, is two years old and will now have new company. The girls will definitely not be lonely. Mrs. Lehrter said, “I grew up as an only child and I was lonely a lot. I never want my kids to be lonely so I want four kids.”

The kids were excited to hear the news. “They think it is cool,” Lehrter said. She commented on how her students get to see her belly grow. Now they are concerned about her well being, asking, “How are you doing today?”

It is hard for some students to change to their learning style to the teaching style of a substitute mid-year. According to Maddison Stinson(’12), when Mrs. Lehrter went on maternity leave two years ago, “It wasn’t fun having to get a whole new teacher after she left, then having her come back and having to get used to her again.” Natasha John (‘12) holds a different opinion, “When Mrs. Lehrter left for maternity leave, we all missed her, but having a great substitute made it okay.”

Congratulations to the following teachers: Mrs. Harvard and Mr. Reisinger, who are both expecting, Mrs. Earnshaw, who is on maternity leave, and Mr. Galperin, Ms. Colatruglio, and Ms. McClarin, who have all had babies within the past year.