A Walk Down Memory Lane: Last Homecoming for the Seniors

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Last Homecoming for the Seniors

As the festivities of Homecoming started on Monday, October 24th, many seniors realized this was it. This homecoming would be the last one they had at North Point. No more early dismissal on the Friday of Spirit Week for the Pep Rally, no more outrageous spirit days, and no more Homecoming football game.

Homecoming is different every year, but it seemed to be a bigger deal when the senior class came to the realization that this was their last one in high school. Many seniors had varying thoughts on their last homecoming, but many were sentimental about the fact that this was their last time getting pepped about being a North Point Eagle. “I appreciated it more. It was sentimental and a closing chapter in my life,” said Alex Garner (’12).

Many athletes had stronger feeling about this being their last homecoming, specifically the varsity football players that are seniors. “It was really emotional. I felt like it was the last chance for us [the senior players] to showcase our abilities to the North Point Nation,” said Kevin Ramseur (’12). Quarterback Connor Young (’12) was just as sentimental about his last home football game. “It was bittersweet,” he said. All the activities going on, such as Pep Rally and Spirit Week, seemed to make it better for the athletes. “It was the best game we could have had,” Young commented.

Many seniors were happy with their last homecoming. Some seniors felt that is was much better than when they were freshmen, others had the opposite thought. During their freshmen year, the homecoming theme was Casino. “Casino was much better. You could take a break and there was more stuff to do,” said Seung Choe (’12). A student with a varying opinion was Allie Fetterolf (’12) who said, “This year’s homecoming was a lot better. Freshmen year, I went with my brother and his friends, but for senior year I went with my friends.”

Seniors immensely enjoyed their last homecoming, even though there was a sad undertone with the fact that this was the end of it all. “It was really exciting. I knew I’d be moving on, but I was sad, because I knew I wouldn’t see my groups of friends again,” said Kathryn O’Grady (’12).