Muppets, Miss Piggy, and More

Moving models, hand motions, animals and scenery too! It can all be found in the Puppet Club here at North Point.

Puppetry is a form of theatre that involves the manipulation of puppets. The Puppet Club focuses on puppetry basics and fun script ideas every Monday in Room 512 for the first half of NEST.  In the room, there is a large bean bag chair and sitting area that makes the classroom look laid back and relaxed. The classroom has a door that leads out to the auditorium stage, where members of the Puppet Club perform their dialogues.

The sponsor of this group is Mr. Minor. “There are a lot of different types of puppets. Everyone has experienced puppets in their life,” Minor stated.

The students in this club take control and responsibility when it comes to organizing and putting together their acts. One of the things that occur at club meetings is figuring out how to construct a play and a setting.

David Graham (’14) started this club after he participated in a puppetry club at his church. He wanted to create a club in school that would focus more on puppetry itself.

The club is very hands on and organized. Students come up with their own story ideas by picking what new topic they want to cover. Students in this club get a chance to learn how to improve their puppetry skills and become more comfortable on stage.  Puppetry involves a lot of storytelling and also animating by trying to make the puppets come alive.

The club is for students who enjoy puppets, acting and being themselves. “I would recommend this club to self-confident people who don’t care what others think,” Graham stated.  The club is open to any student here at North Point that is interested in puppetry.