One Club, Many Differences

One Club, Many Differences

Here at North Point, there are many students with various backgrounds. There are students with different religions, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and a lot more. Since North Point is so diverse, it is important to have a club that invites every type of student to come together no matter where they come from or what they believe in.

The Diversity Club is an association that gives students a place to feel welcome and comfortable. The club believes that it is important for students of different backgrounds to come together and put their differences aside to make North Point a place where every student can belong.

The sponsor for this club is Mr. Galperin. His goal is for the club to be large enough to be held in the gym. Right now, there are around thirty members who meet every Thursday during the second half of N.E.S.T. in room 2319.

During the last club meeting, Galperin reminded the students of their high-five experiment. During this experiment, which was meant to show students the reaction given from a kind gesture, the club went into the hallway and gave high-fives to people they did not know. The results had varied, from many students ignoring them or giving them negative looks. “Why is it difficult for people to accept a kind gesture?” Galperin asked.

One of the club members is Erin Brown (’13). She believes that the club gives students an opportunity to make new friends and learn how to interact with others. “It can change the way you feel about people,” Brown expressed about the reasons why students should join this club.

“We put labels on people based on how they look,” Haleigh Hunt (’14) stated. When asked who she would recommend this club to she said those who are considered “popular” or those who feel left out, that way all different kinds of groups or cliques could be involved.

One of the things the diversity club believes in is “come as you are not how other people want you to be.” There are two purposes of the club; one is to educate students about why people do what they do and how to deal with it. Another purpose is to give students a voice. “This is honestly our students’ club,” Galperin expressed. So why not be involved?