The Pre-Graduation Bucket List

Every year, seniors exit high school on their way to taking on college and the ‘real world’. A big thought that comes to mind once they are long gone is if they fully experienced all that high school had to offer them. High school is a time in a person’s life that they can never get back. Every student should enjoy it and all it has to offer.

Here is a list of things that all high school students should do before they graduate:

  • Attend at least one game for every sports team. Every sport is different, so it’s fun to open yourself up to new experiences.
  • Go to a homecoming dance. Some people may think that dances are cliché or lame, but they can be a lot of fun if you go with a group friends.
  • Go to a show. Whether it’s a play, musical, band or choral performance you should go see one.
  • Travel abroad. Whether it’s through the school or not, it’s would be great to have a stamp in your passport before you go to college.
  • Visit multiple colleges. Every college is different and you never know which visit will lead you to your match.
  • Eat lunch with new people. Just ask to sit with someone new. Make a new friend!
  • Show some extravagant school spirit. Join the chest painters; make signs for someone on the team. The team will appreciate it and you’ll get sucked into the hype of the game.
  • Join a club or team. You can find a new passion, meet new people and learn something new.
  • Eat lunch outside. There are two patios available for lunch and a grassy field open to students. That’s a new venue and view to enjoy for lunch.
  • Attend prom. You only get one prom. It’s a night unlike any other and it’s the last dance you’ll go to with all your high school friends.

There is a lot that high school has to offer. Just have to take advantage of everything. These are the “best” years of a teenager’s life, so you might as well live them to the fullest.