North Point’s Very Own Artistic Program

What program allows students to get a taste of marketing, print, creativity and more? Graphic Communications, of course. This program is the only Science, Technology, and Industry (STI) program that lets students use their artistic ability with a combination of technology. This STI program teaches students how to design and create different graphic effects and introduces them to the graphic industry.

Mr. Gilbert is the teacher of Graphic Communications. “I always wanted to teach this ever since I was in a high school program like this,” he stated. The number of students in graphic communications is around forty five, from tenth grade to twelfth grade. Each grade gets a different level of certification for printing.

During class, students spend the majority of their time working on projects. Sometimes there will be a lecture involved, but most days they work on projects such as movie posters, portfolios, and marketing material that they get to design.

This STI helps students get connections and exposure in the graphic industry. They also get a good solid background to enter into a high-quality graphics field.”It’s basically just expression through media,” Regine Daniels (’12) said about what Graphic Communications really is.

Some students have taken Graphic Communications to become more successful at the career they are interested in, in the graphic field. ” I applied for Graphic Communications because I thought that it could help me with my future animation career, “ Gary Burch (’14) stated.

Graphic communications has aspects of artistic ability whether it’s through designing video games, printing, or marketing. All of the creation happens on their many Apple desktop computers located in the classroom. Along with numerous cameras, there is also a printing room connected to the classroom where the creations come to life.

Graphic communications is a way that not only lets students express themselves, but also helps start them off on a good path to the graphic industry itself.