Battle of the Bromances: Prather & Marshall vs. Carter & Young

Friendships always have different levels. There are acquaintances, close friends, best friends, and of course, those friends that should basically be related by blood. Just as female friends sometimes view themselves as sisters, male friends tend to view themselves as brothers. They share a special bond that is impossible to reach with any other guy. Among this year’s senior class, there lie two obvious pairs of male best friends: Kortez Prather (’12) & Frank Marshall (’12), and Se’Vaughn Carter (12) & Connor Young (’12). These two sets of friends are in constant brotherly competition with each other, but who shares the better bromance around the halls of North Point High School?

Prather and Marshall have been best friends for the same amount of time as Carter and Young: five years. Their long journeys together have brought them closer and closer as the days go on. “Football keeps us close to begin with, but then after that, our everyday conversations bring us together,” said Prather about Marshall. Young stated about Carter, “We just work with each other. We really click.”

Although true friends should be supportive, sometimes telling the truth outweighs providing a friend with a good feeling about everything they do. “[Marshall] is always there for me. He listens to whatever I have to say, and he gives me his opinion whether I like it or not,” said Prather. Carter said, “I don’t expect [Young] to automatically agree with me; he tells me when I’m wrong, points out my faults, gives me real advice, and doesn’t just say what I want to hear. And I do the same for him.”

These two bromances are not the typical high school friendships; each set of boys plans on being in the others’ future. “[Marshall] and I plan on being in each other’s lives forever,” said Prather. Young added, “[Carter] and I don’t necessarily have any future plans, but we work together so easily, and our chemistry is great, so I wouldn’t doubt the fact that he’ll be a part of my life forever.”

Actually, these four boys are remarkably close with each other. Sure, Prather & Marshall have their own friendship aside from Carter & Young, and vice versa; but that doesn’t stop these bromances from intertwining.

The most permanent item anyone could get to leave the mark of one who has greatly impacted their life is a tattoo. Prather, Marshall, Carter, and Young all have the following Bible verse tatted somewhere on their body: “I am my brother’s keeper, Genesis 4:9.” To these four, nothing could symbolize a stronger, eternal friendship.

When it really comes down to it, these four boys share a two-way bromance with each other. “[Carter] and I may be close, but honestly the four of us are always here for each other,” said Young. Prather added, “Through everything, I know that [Marshall] is going to be there, along with [Young] and [Carter]. Those are my brothers. I would do anything and everything for them.” “It really is about the four of us together. Not just me and [Prather] or [Young] and [Carter]. We’re all really close, and that’s not changing,” claimed Marshall. Carter stated “[Young], [Prather], and [Marshall] really are my brothers, and blood or the same last name couldn’t make that any different.”

So really, it’s not about who has the better bromance between these two pairs of best friends, but instead how strong of a bond they share. Who could compete with that…any takers?