More than Just Swimming

One of the classes offered here at North Point is Swimming and Conditioning. “I think it is so cool that you can swim during school because most students do not have the opportunity to do that,” said Carly Cooper (’13). Being able to take a dip in the pool while other students are learning in a classroom is one of the many advantages that this class has to offer.

 The class is not just about swimming. The teacher, Mr. Chichester, gives the students different routines they can do outside. “When it is hot we go outside for ten minutes. We run around the track and go up and down all the bleachers in the stadium,” explained Cooper.Chichestermakes up a lot of the routines that the students are required to do. Things like a thirty minute swim or treading water for thirty minutes are common exercises for the class. Catherine Springer (’13) said, “Mr. Chichester tries to change up everything we do, whether it’s push –ups, sit-ups or pull-ups.” If a student’s desire is to have a good workout and they are able to swim, then this class is the right place for them.

 Jeff Bell (’12) chose this class because he wanted to get in shape for swim season since he is on the swim team. “It is an easy class for me. If you enjoy swimming; it is fun to do,” said Bell. For the students who like to swim, this class can be relaxing. “It gives me a break from actually learning,” addedBell. This class provides a way to take a break from Math, English, or History. With this class you get the joy of swimming along with the satisfaction of a good exercise; it is the best of both worlds. Cooper said, “My favorite part of the class is feeling good after I have worked out.”

Swimming and Conditioning is a true fitness class. Mr. Chichester will provide hard working exercises that consist of a good work out. Weight training and Advanced P.E. are not the only options for a fitness class – Swimming and Conditioning is another way to go.