Hard Work for Good Memories

What was once the Yearbook Club has now been transformed to a class taught by Ms. Wyse. It still requires the same amount of work as it did as a club; the only difference is that the students receive a grade for their assignments. Although this is considered an elective, it still requires the same work ethic as a required class. Being on the Yearbook staff is no walk in the park.

During class each staff member is assigned a spread (layout). There are different types of spreads, like sports, student life, and so on. For example, if a staff member had gotten sports for their spread, then they are responsible for Coaches Corner, Q&A and a team photo.

Yearbook class has Editors that help keep everything going. Christian Jones (’13), Sarah Hummel (’13), Alyssa Sato (’13), and Erin Brown (’12) are the ones who posses that title. They have the toughest job of them all. “Everybody gets a spread; the title you have determines what more you have to do with it,” explained Jones. There are different jobs for the editors. The Photography Editor makes sure that everyone’s photo meets the requirements. If something needs to be changed it is their responsibility to make that adjustment. That goes for all of the editing jobs. Hummel stated, “As an editor, I have a lot of responsibilities, like making sure everyone is keeping up with deadlines. I am also responsible for my own spread so it can be a little overwhelming. But I do enjoy working with everybody and we had a really good staff this year. We pulled through together.”

This year’s yearbook will be different from the others. The yearbook staff has incorporated a lot of school spirit throughout the pages. “You can tell from the first page to the last page that people are going to love it.” When looking at the yearbook, people will be able to tell the amount of hard work that the yearbook class put into it. Wyse said, “This was our first year for everybody. I think they did a really good job.”

Some might underestimate the workload of the yearbook class; it is not something to take lightly. The yearbook staff had a lot of weight taken off their shoulders as they recently completed their project. When the yearbook comes out, North Point students will be able to witness the product of their work.