Alex Hannah: Maestro of Music

Alex Hannah: Maestro of Music

Alex Hannah trumps all other musicians with a strong work ethic, outstanding solo skills, and arsenal of abilities. As a violinist, pianist and composer, his triple threat of talents wows crowds.

At the young age of eight, Alex was led into the invigorating music world by his dedicated father.  He started off playing the keyboard, participating in the church choir, and playing the trombone. Dissatisfied with the trombone, he switched to playing the violin and stuck with it. Always hoping to be a pilot in the Air Force, his dreams were crushed when he realized he was not eligible because he was color blind. After some deep of soul searching, he realized music was the right route for him. Practicing daily and working to the bone, he has since honed his new expertise.  As a result of his efforts, he became seventh chair in All-State Orchestra, won a $21,000 talent scholarship, in addition to countless accolades. “His is as fine a violinist as we have ever had in this school,” said Mr. Van Dyke.

Hannah’s free time is his music time. In his worlds, “Music is just my life, it is what I do.” Dedicating every second, minute and hour to his craft, he plays, listens to, and reads about music constantly. When Hannah gets in the moment, he lets his emotions loose, whether happy or sad, good or bad.  Pumping blood, sweat and tears into every note, he has even gotten tendonitis, in inflammation of the tendon in his forearm, that forced him to take a break from music. Even though he could not practice during that break, he still kept up his tireless regimen.

His father is the bigger driving force in his life. He pushes Alex to be and do his best and does not accept excuses. “He just truly understands the importance of music and my life in general,” Hannah expressed.

For now, Alex plans to continue to study music. He aspires to be a full time musician in a major orchestra, a music teacher, or music therapist in the future.

He looks to performers, like actor Michael Cera and violinist Midori, to inspire him to reach new heights in his own pieces. Who knows, North Point could be looking at the the nation’s next great performer.