Money, Money, Money: AP Economics

The Advanced Placement (AP) Economics course at North Point is broken down into two classes over two semesters. The first semester focuses on microeconomics. The second semester focuses on macroeconomics.

The class teaches students how economies work. The first semester, microeconomics, focuses on the interactions between firms and households. It delves into the American economy and domestic interactions.

The macroeconomics portion discusses the international economy. It introduces students to the processes of trade, exports, and imports. Students learn how international trade affects the value of American currency as well as the currency of other countries.

The AP Economics class at North Point differs greatly from that of an AP Economics class at any other Charles County high school, where students either take microeconomics or macroeconomics for the whole year. The course is fast paced at North Point, which adds more of a college feel to it.

The class incorporates real life application through weekly projects called Economic Literacy Projects (ELPs). These projects require students to find news articles and analyze them for economic qualities, information and values. The project focuses on six principles of economics that are introduced to the students at the beginning of the school year.  Many students feel that the projects have allowed them the opportunity to become smart spenders and educated consumers in the national and global economy.

“My goal for my students in the class is that they become more economic shoppers and consumers,” said Mr. Lesko, the AP Economics teacher. The class also teaches students how to wisely spend and use their money. “We have learned good ways to invest our money and how to follow the economy to know how to make our money grow and have more value,” commented Brandon Foster (’12).

“I feel that this class has enhanced my education in the use of money and how to be a conscious consumer,” added Zach Keeler (’12).

AP Economics concludes with the College Board’s AP Exam, scheduled for Thursday, May 17th.