Will NEST Survive?

Yes, NEST is still in danger of being taken from us. Even though the number of students buying lunch has increased, and the school’s staff is doing all they can to save our NEST time, it is still important for students to make sure they are doing their part. Even though the school year is coming to a end, everything that we do now has a impact on the things that we or will not be able to do next year.

One of the problems that may result to no NEST next year is the numerous amount of trash that is being left all over the school from lunch time. Students need to make sure that they are picking up all of their trash and keeping the area’s they were in as clean as possible.

Another thing that is important for students to do is continue to go to NEST activities such as tutoring and club meetings. Every time that a student goes to one of these things and uses their school ID, it helps show that NEST time is being used appropriately and for more than just social reasons.

“ The school should keep NEST because NEST not only gives students time to eat and chat with friends, it also gives students time to participate in clubs and get tutoring from teachers,” Jasmine Powell (’14) said.

“Right now we are focused on keeping NEST. We know how much NEST helps our students and our main concern is trying to keep it going strong,” Mr. Mast stated.

It would be a shame if we no longer had NEST and had to go back to the four different lunch periods because of poor choices made. Think about it: No hanging out for a hour with friends, or getting extra help on work not understood. To make sure these things stay for not only next year but at North Point in general, students need to make sure to do their part. Let’s not have to wonder if we will have NEST next year, let’s know that we will.