The Early Grad Gets the Worm

This year the senior class features three students who are graduating a year early: Songheng Hong (’12), Hannah Rogers (’12) and Erin Webb (’12). All three students skipped their junior year and are graduating with the Class of 2012.

The three are graduating early for different reasons, but have the same idea in mind: they want to get a head start on their future. Hong plans on being a doctor, which means eight years of schooling. “I’m trying to cut down those years as fast as possible, so graduating high school early seemed like a good idea,” added Hong. He will be attending the Catholic University in D.C. in the fall.

Rogers is leaving high school and going to travel the world. She will be studying abroad in Sweden in the fall after graduation. After that year she will come back to America and attend a four year college. “I was given the opportunity to travel and study abroad so I didn’t want to miss out on a once in a lifetime experience,” commented Rogers.

Webb wanted to jump start her future. “Many cosmetology schools accept you at 18. I would have already been 18 for six months before my original graduation, so I figured since it’s just a 13 month program I may as well start as soon as I can,” said Webb.

To graduate early the students had to take English during the summer. All three of the students earned their other credits in the previous two years by taking multiple classes, such as extra science and math classes.

The students don’t really feel that there are going to miss much without a year. They have experienced nearly all of the high school experiences from homecoming to prom.  But, according to Hong, “I do feel like I missed out on really getting to know my original class.”