The New Kids on the Block

North Point welcomes the Class of 2016, now the new kids on the block. The freshmen will have to make the adjustment from middle school to high school. The experience is different for everyone, but everyone has to go through it.

High school is not what a lot of people thought it would be like. “I thought high school would be a bunch of bullies shoving kids in lockers,” said Sydney Gates (’16). This school might not have been like everyone’s first prediction, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The freshmen are hoping that their first year will be enjoyable. Leah Pennington (’16) said, “I think it is going to be a fun year.”

One thing that freshmen always have to adjust to is the work load. Gates (’16) stated, “I already have lots of homework and I am switching classes.” Every grade brings a little more difficulty than the last. “I learned more than I did last year, but [the classes] are more challenging,” said Pennington. “It’s a bigger school, there are more classes and there is a lot more homework,” stated Gates (’16). Despite the transition, some students still plan on getting good grades. “I expect to get A’s and B’s; my classes do not seem too difficult,” said Samantha Blondell (’16).

A lot of freshmen are or are planning to get involved in something at school. Blondell said, “I plan on playing soccer next year.” Being on a team is a good way to adjust to the high school lifestyle. It can teach student athletes to balance out the things they need to do.

North Point’s Science, Technology, and Industry programs separate it from other schools. Some freshmen can see what it is like to have an early start on what they plan on doing for a major or career. Pennington said, “I am in the Academy of Health Professions. I want to be a veterinarian because I love little animals and I like helping people.

This is the beginning of the Class of 2016’s high school careers. They have four years to make it a good experience. Eventually they will be wearing graduation gowns and reminiscing on their freshman year.