Show Some Spirit

  Colors of all sorts, several different patterns, big accessories and wacky hair are being worn by the students on their way to school Monday morning. Students are at their bus stops wearing the most outrageous outfits that they wouldn’t dare wear to school on a normal day.   That is what is expected to be seen at North Point, as Spirit week leading up to Homecoming.

   Students find a love in dressing up in the wackiest of clothes and costumes they can find to show school pride. The week starts off with mix-match day followed by character day, multiplicity day, decades day, and last but not least spirit day.

   Monday’s mix-match day is the day where the students throw together any clothes that do not match. Sabrina Satchel (’16) says she “decided to join in the fun of spirit week to show spirit and get active in the school.” Satchel especially likes mix-match day because “she gets to see different people in all different color and different clothes.”

  Some may think that the Monday’s outfits were pretty crazy, but they only get better as the week goes on. On Tuesday, characters like celebrities, athletes, TV cartoons and action heroes come to life. It is pretty clear that students and staff put much thought and dedication into their costumes. Mark Custer (’14) says that, “it took me from roughly 8:30 last night to 6:50 this morning” for him to put together his look as Samantha from Danny Phantom.


  Wednesday is a more mellow day. Friends dress up in matching clothing, accessories, and hair styles as a part of Multiplicity day.  Tray Ogg (’15) says that his favorite day is multiplicity day. Ogg says it is because “I can match with my friends and people don’t get mad when they see you in better costumes”.


  After that chill day, Thursday is decade’s day. Students dress up with clothing as if they lived in their favorite time period like the 50’s, 60’s, etc. It was like big afros, neon colors, and other old time styles came back in style for the day.

  Last but not least Friday is Spirit day! Freshmen were designated to show their spirit in white, sophomores in gold, juniors in red, and seniors in black. Teachers showed their spirit by wearing school colors and six of the teachers dressed up in  their funniest costumes  to win the title and be crowned Ms. And Mr. North Point. The class of 2013 won most spirited today at the pep rally, covered in black from head to toe despite the heat. So it really does go to show that North Point loves to show some spirit.