Graphic Artists at Work

In the Graphic Communications classroom, students sit in front of extravagant monitors, working busily on one of their many projects. Being one of North Point’s more unique Science, Technology, and Industry (STI) programs, students must combine computer skills, artistic ability, and a little creativity to thrive.

Graphic Communications is a three-year program where students can get an introduction to a graphic industry from a 2D standpoint. The first year focuses on basic introduction and background information on graphic communications. Year two is all about how to make graphic files. Finally, year three reinforces what was learned over the past two years and teaches students how to advertise for a target audience.

“We’re currently learning the basics of the programs given to us, like Adobe” commented Lauren Bodamer (’15), a first year student in the program.

Much of the student’s grades in this program are based off of projects. These projects can range from posters to brochures to booklets. They also do work for the community, including making posters and pamphlets for other schools and nonprofit organizations.

“If students are going into any design field, the skills they learn here will put them far ahead of anyone else,” stated Mr. Gilbert, the instructor of the program. “However, the skills they learn here will help them in many other fields such as communications and business.”

Students in the program appreciate the firsthand experience they are receiving. “One of the important aspects of the class is personal responsibility; it gets you ready for the real world by making you pace yourself and teaches you [that] everybody won’t be telling you when to do everything” noted Morgan Mcbride (’13), a senior in the program.

The knowledge and experience students obtain in the program are invaluable, but it is the interest of the students and the teachers that is the real driving force. Gilbert concluded that his favorite part of instructing the course was “when students explore outside of class and learn something the even I don’t know, and then I can learn from them.”

Whether it is designing posters for the fall play or sketching out Homecoming tickets, the students expertly get the job done with professional appearing results. With the tools and knowledge in hand, there’s no stopping these graphic artists.