There’s a First Time for Everything

Theres a First Time for Everything

Last Tuesday was the 2012 Election Day. Everyone eighteen and older had the right to give their opinion on who they want to win the election by voting. There were a few eighteen year olds here at North Point who voted for the first time.

Ameer Patel (’13) was one of the first-time voters, “I was excited to vote and it was the first thing that made me feel like I was eighteen,” said Patel. Ebony Poe (’13) said, “Just seeing everyone chat and talk about all the questions made me feel apart of something bigger than my everyday stuff.” Poe and Patel now have a say in what happens in their country.

Poe had an exceptional voting experience. “It was amazing. I voted a week before Election Day, but the line was still so long. I enjoyed most being able to vote my opinion and make a difference. Throughout it all I met people from all over southern Maryland and everyone was nice regardless of if we had the same beliefs; everyone was still respectful. It was hands down the best thing I have been apart of other than being a senior at North Point.”

This election was important for people to vote. “It was an important vote because it was two competing ideologies that were in a closely contested race. Some of these issues affect us in some ways,” stated Patel.

These two believe that young adults are affected by politics, and it is important to vote in what they believe is right. “The older generation keeps saying, ‘we are the future’. Young people should know what is going on so they can know what type of society they are living in. You do not want the wrong person running your country or choosing your rights. Everyone has an opinion and knowledge of many different things from music to food, but none of that would be possible if it was not for politics. Many young people do not know that so they really should pay more attention, they will definitely learn and grow,” explained Poe. “As students about to enter college or a university or the work force, issues start to affect us. From education subsides to tax rates,” stated Patel. There are issues out there that affect minors as well as adults. Those teens that have had jobs for a year or so can be just as affected as those who have been working for twenty or more years.

Patel and Poe’s political views are similar. They both voted for Barack Obama, but their reasons were a little different. Patel said, “His social and economic policies best lined up with mine.” Poe explains, “Although [Obama] and Mitt Romney had issues explaining fully what they could do for America, he [Obama] stayed consistent. Obama Care is a very crucial aspect of Obama’s things he has changed within his four years in office. Even though it seems as if he did not do much, people have to understand that Rome was not built in a day. It takes more than four, even eight years to fix a country, and I felt Barack Obama was the best guy for the job. He genuinely cares for America and wants to see change.”

Young people have a say as well as any other adult. It is important for them to get their opinion out there based on what these young adults say. Whose opinion will be heard in the election of 2016?