Problem Solving to Victory

Problem Solving to Victory

A little after NEST, the Math Team starts off with an elaborate question offered to all of the members. Everyone in the class thinks for a minute and looks for a solution. As a group they come up with a way to simplify the problem. Then, the team starts off.

So many teams, so little time. With many options to choose from, why do students choose the Math Team? Adam Kassem (’13) joined because, “I wanted to get better at basic math skills so I could apply it to other classes.” Extra credit is also offered to the members.

During NEST students can come in to Mr.Cerutti’s classroom to be challenged with math problems, but also to learn how to break down the equations into something easier and much more understandable.  During the team Mr. Cerutti says “The math team typically practices key math ideas and looks for short cuts.”

The Math Team is more than just students conversing about math. Member Murugi Thande (’13) says as the Math Team “We compete against all high schools and we have a team round, an individual round and a relay where they pass the question on to you.”

Many of the current members are just starting off in the team. The team is offered to students throughout the whole school regardless of their level of math or grade. Mr. Cerutti encourages anyone interested in math and problem solving to join. “I love to see students getting excited about learning the shortcuts and solving difficult questions,” he said.

The Math Team meets every Thursday during the second half of NEST in room 2326. When anyone walks into the door of the team, they can automatically see the passion the students and teacher have for learning more math and finding ways to make it more enjoyable than just an average day pain.