Japan Club

Walking into room M126 a warm greeting of “Konnichiwa” is said to eager students who walk in to the Japan Club ready to learn. Established in 2005, when the school first opened, the Japan club serves the purpose to educate students who want to learn about Japanese along with the fun that comes with learning Japanese.

The club consists of about 25 members who meet on Wednesdays during the second half of NEST. But in Mrs. McLaughlin’s opinion, “There would be more students if the club was held after school rather than during NEST, when everyone has busy NEST schedules.”

A normal day in the Japan club can consist of one of three things. The club can learn to speak a little bit of Japanese. Things like common phrases used in Japanese culture and places where Japanese is spoken. The club also learns and talks about Japanese culture. Then sometimes they get to watch Japanese videos that relate to what they are learning.

Sponsored by Ms. Roussillon and Mrs. McLaughlin, the club is taught in a fun way that grabs the attention of all the members wanting to learn. The club is somewhat like a language elective that can be taken at school, but without the pressure of having a high grade in the class or a bunch of test and quizzes. One thing about the club is that it offers an area of study that is not covered in the school or even the county curriculum. The club is mainly for enlightening students about the Japanese culture, things that aren’t covered in school.

 The Japan club also takes part in a “Battle of the Languages” every year, sponsored by Mrs. McLaughlin. This is a friendly battle between the Japan, French, Spanish, and International clubs. It offers all the clubs the opportunity to learn more about other organizations and lets the students gain knowledge in areas they weren’t familiar in.

Joining the Japan cub will enlighten students with new knowledge that they may never have gotten a chance to learn otherwise.