Think Twice Before You Lose Your Focus

As many teachers and students may know, the school year is starting to come to a close and it is getting harder and harder for both students and teachers to stay focused. We are all excited for summer and everyday of may just feel like being done with all of the work.
The most important thing is to stay focus because students still have colleges to worry about and lots more work has to be done. Especially with the AP tests and HSA’s coming very soon within the next couple of weeks. As we all know staying focused when getting so close to the wire is not only annoying but seems so impossible.
But there is ways to do it, Melissa Lindsay(’15) says “When it comes to buckling down and getting your work done i more than anybody know it can be extremely hard and annoying especially when the sun starts shining and you see all of your senior friends done with school, going out, and really starting their summer it becomes even harder.”
Lindsay also says “But My best advice would be just to do your work even if you feel lazy do it anyway because in the long run its going to help you instead of hurt especially at times like this when we have the HSA’s and AP tests and all this vigorous work to keep up with, right now is no time to slack off neither is anytime, so just try your hardest to push through it, i know it seems like forever but it will be over soon enough.”
Morgan Reid(’15) says “Fourth Quarter does still matter and its still going to be on your report cards. The sooner you get your work done the sooner you will be out of school”
Mr.Hoffman says “Don’t loose focus because you can end up in a rut and end up failing a class when you are more than capable of passing, and for under clansmen who tend to look up to the junior and seniors just keep pushing and ignore all of that because you don’t want to end up failing with them, and them bringing you down when there is only a little bit of school left”
If you keep it up you will see your grades stay maintained and you don’t have to worry about what classes you failed or not over the summer, you can spend it having more fun. Students should just do what they have to do know so they can enjoy life later.