Let’s Get Loud and Proud

Friday was the end to spirit week at North Point. At 12:50 all of North Point’s student body was sitting on the home side of the field. Instead of cheering on the school as a whole ,they were going against each other.

 SGA, sponsored by Mrs. Huffman, organizes the pep rally that brought all the classes together to show their pride in their graduation year. “We are bringing back tug of war-an old time favorite-this year”, said Mrs. Huffman. One of the major ways that the classes showed their pride was in their floats. Freshman threw balloons into the crowd. Sophomores  came out sporting a banner. Juniors landed on the moon while seniors partied on a different planet.

 Ja’Nya Banks (’14) is SGA’s president. She has been an active member in SGA since her freshman year. She worked with her fellow members to come up with fun games for the classes to compete in. “There was a lot of activities that didn’t get seen because we ran out of time, but we tired and overall it went well”, said Banks. Underclassmen fought against the seniors in every game to prove that they could be the best too.

When people were not playing in one of the fun filled activities, they were watching one of the eye catching performances from poms, the drill team, or the marching band. There was a donut eating contest and a frozen t-shirt contest. The juniors won the t-shirt contest. As Michael Matthews (’15) put on the final shirt; the juniors jumped up in their victory.

But when it comes down to it pep rally is used to see who really had the most spirit all week. After all the scoring was done it was decided that the seniors won and they were presented with a hundred dollar check. Juniors came in second, sophomores in third, and freshman in last.

As the pep rally came to a close, anticipation was high for the home game that was to come in the following hour.