We’ve Got Spirit

The entire school, including staff,  compete to see who can dress the craziest to match the theme of each day. The traditional start of Spirit week is mix-match Monday. People wore clothes that would never match. The students walked in the school with polka dots and stripes, mismatching socks, shoes, eye makeup, gloves and hair dos. Some students wore tank tops over shirts, plaid shirts with striped pants and ties on their heads. From here, the week only gets more eventful.

Patriotic Tuesday was a first for North Point, and when it was introduced, students had mixed feelings about wearing American themed clothes. When asked how she felt about it, Cierra Somerville (’14) said “ I almost wish the school had come up with a more unique day [theme].” She looked at her red-white-and blue outfit. “This day feels a lot like 4th of July.” Somerville wasn’t the only one who thought Patriotic day was a little odd, but other students enjoyed the idea, and decided to go all out. Brittani Bedford (’14) said “For Patriotic day, I’m considering dressing up as Michelle Obama.”  A group of senior boys also liked the idea of Patriotic day, and came to school dressed in military cargo pants and camo T-shirts to show their spirit.

Wednesday was Neon Day. This is also a new spirit day theme for North Point. The students were encouraged to come to school decked out in all their neon clothes. Crowds of students came in all sorts of bright, highlighter colors. However, some of the students did not like this theme either. Some of the seniors were wondering why last year’s themes were not repeated. Many seniors wanted the Nerd Wednesday idea to come back. To show their slight disapproval, some seniors came to school dressed as nerds. Some were kind enough to incorporate neon into their costume in order to gain points for the senior class. “I don’t particularly like Neon day.” said Jessica Perry (’14) “I find it kind of strange.” Although a few people didn’t really like Neon day, several students liked the chance to wear colorful clothing. Also, Neon day got many votes in a poll on North Point’s new picture sharing website, hjstitch.com.

After Neon day was Thursday’s character day. Students dress up as their favorite character from a movie or a TV show. The halls of the school were packed with characters. From Disney Princesses, to Star Wars Jedis, to the Flintstones, Character day is a known favorite of North Point.

Lastly, Friday’s Spirit Day! The students dressed in their grade colors, freshman dressed in white, sophomores in yellow or gold, juniors in red and seniors in black. Many dressed head to toe in full body colored suits in the heat.