Falling into Fall Fashion

The signs of the fall season are here! No, not the leaves turning colors or the wind getting colder, we’re talking fashion. Sweaters, boots, scarves and long jeans; here in the halls of North Point, the tell-tale autumn signs are slowly but surely becoming more popular.

“Fall season is cardigan season,” says Jasmyne Hendricks (’14), as she smooths out her white cardigan. “Fall welcomes scarves and boots.” Although her statement is not a fact, it is greatly supported by the sea of cardigans, boots and scarves seen every day since late September.

For many students, this season is a favorite. Patty Atkinson (’16) excidedly welcomes fall. “I love fall, its sweater weather. I don’t have to check if my shorts or skirts are too short, I can just wear a nice pair of jeans and a sweater.” Her friend Cassie Chin (’16) agrees enthusiastically. “I look forward to fall because sweaters can match anything, from a long skirt to scarves to boots to jeans, anything! You can even play around with your wardrobe and wear fall colors, like red, tan, brown and orange.” Chin also likes the fall season because it is “one of the two seasons where people don’t judge you as much for what you wear. You can wear whatever you want, especially since its getting colder.”

The weather plays a large part in fashion, especially when it comes to seasonal wardrobes. Recently, the temperature averages have been in the low to mid 60’s but have gone as low as the 50’s.  Students have reacted to the drops in temperatures by putting on more clothes.

Chase Webb (’16) says he “wears long jeans and sweatshirts or hoodies” now that fall has arrived. Ishan Patel (’15) similarly states that he “starts wearing jackets and hoodies too”.

“When fall comes around, I put more layers on. T-shirts with cardigans, sweaters with scarves, and I also let my hair down.” Said Ke’Andra Tindale (’14) “You can’t let your neck get cold!”

Tindale isn’t alone, Nataly Garcia (’16) also said she lets her hair down during the fall. “I start wearing boots, coats, jackets and sweaters with leggings, and I let my hair down.”

A common idea expressed when autumn comes around is the purpose of clothing. Many people decide to put in less effort in looking stylish and more effort into staying warm and comfortable. Jessica Perry (’14) eagerly supports the idea saying in the fall she dresses “more for comfort and less for style.” Xavier Smoak (’16) says he started wearing “sweatshirts for comfort”. Students often say they wear darker colors during fall, one of the student is Shyenne Perryman (’14) who says she wears clothes that are darker, but “not too dark, not too heavy, just enough.”

As the weather gets colder and the leaves start changing, so does the clothing seen in the halls. Fall can be beautiful for some, or too cold for others, but many students enjoy the clothing opportunities it brings.