Every fifteen Minutes

On May 1st, every 15 minutes, the Grim reaper came into the classrooms of North Point, taking the “living dead” students who were reminders of the consequences that come with drinking/texting and driving. In preparation for prom the program, every 15 minutes, warned the students through a mock car crash, and “living dead” students, what it would really be like if a student was impacted by drinking or texting and driving.

 The juniors and seniors were escorted to the bus parking lot where they say a scene of a mock accident. Fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars raced to the scene of two cars with students who were impacted by a crash. As a student in the back seat cried for helped, the rescue squads used the Jaws of Life to rescue the students from the wreck. Through the mock car crash, the students were to learn a life lesson, by watching the scene of an accident. The students watching the scene of the accident were in awe.

 At the end of the day, the “living dead” students held gravestones with messages to encourage the students to make wise choices will driving.

The event continued the next day with an assembly with inspiring messages to prevent students from driving recklessly. Students read their heartfelt letters that were written to their loved ones, to show how consuming alcohol or texting while driving can affect many more people than just the one who drinks or texts. Guest speakers gave their testimony on why they do not text and drive.

The students who participated as the “living dead” committed to their jobs by not speaking all day as if they were there. As well as giving up their cell phones for the night, to give the illusion that they had really suffered the consequences from a car accident.

Every 15 minutes inspired students to think twice before getting behind the wheel and texting and driving or drinking and driving.