A Night in Paris

Prom this year was on Saturday May 17, from 7:30 to 11:30. It was held in the conference center at the Marriott Hotel in College Park, Maryland.  The theme for prom was Paris, Je taime. Amanda Hubenschmidt (’14) says, “I was looking forward to going with my best friend and dancing. Also I don’t believe it’s a couple thing, it is fun to also go with friends and just enjoy yourself.”

At prom you had you assortment of food and beverages. There was also a professional photo section and at the end of prom on your way out you were given a goody bag. In the bag there was a picture from a key chain and a candle all of it was in a pretty bag that had a decoration of a night in Paris. Christina Rhodes (’14) says, “Prom was amazing; it was full of dancing and music. The decorations were really nice. After prom we went midnight bowling and then to McDonalds, It was so much fun, we stayed out till 5.”

Not everyone had the best of time, but there was nothing too bad to say about prom. Chelce Peterson (’14) says, “I went to prom, it was ok the choice of music could have been better, it served its purpose which is for people to get together, hang out, and get dressed up.” Some could say it was the music that they didn’t like as much, or it was the food served. Four out of five people had said they thought prom this year was better than last year.

Prom is a place to have fun and be with friends. Even if you don’t go for the whole time you should still go. People interviewed who didn’t go had said that they wish they would have gone and that is a regret.